Core Drilling in Bismark, ND

Our core drilling in Bismark, ND can assist with a variety of projects for businesses and residential homes. Advanced Concrete Cutting, Inc. has experts on our team who can do concrete core drilling effectively and with top speed to get your project done on time. These are some of the Mandan ND projects we can assist you with that may require core drilling or slab cutting:

Sprinkler System Installation

Your new business or home may need sprinkler system installation. We will be delighted to help you get your sprinkler system up and running by doing the concrete core drilling where necessary.


Ductwork often requires concrete drilling as well. Thus, you may need us to visit your home or business to drill the concrete so that other contractors can install or repair the ductwork.

Phone Line Installs

Perhaps you would like your home or business to have new phone lines installed. This type of project often requires concrete drilling for the installation. We are a trusted provider of this service and have performed many successful jobs for business and residential clients.

Plumbing Setups

Concrete work and wall cutting are often necessary for brand-new plumbing setups. Thus, you might need us if you’ve recently built a home or business structure. We can drill the concrete cut & remove plumbing trenches and pave the way for your new plumbing service. Don’t hesitate at all to reach out to us and ask us questions about this type of project. We can usually customize and order if you have a specific need and you’re not sure if we can fulfill it. Reach out using an online form or our dedicated phone number, and we will work with you to make your project happen.
The above list of projects is not exhaustive, and you can ask us about any project you see in your future. You may need us to cut into the ceilings, walls, floors, and other structures for any of the above-mentioned projects. Advanced Concrete Cutting can also assist with other tasks you might have to do to improve your home. Don’t assume we can’t help. Contact us and schedule a consultation first, as we might have customized and personalized options.
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