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Advanced Concrete Cutting, Inc. is your trusted company for your concrete cutting needs. We have been providing premium concrete cutting services in Bismark, throughout North Dakota and the Midwest states since 1994. Our services include concrete curb cutting, wall cutting, core drilling, concrete removal, and more.

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Concrete curb cutting is a process used in construction to modify existing curb structures. It involves cutting portions of the curb to accommodate new installations or to make way for modifications in the landscape. The process requires specialized tools such as a concrete saw with a diamond blade to make precise cuts

Concrete curb cutting has several benefits for construction projects. It is a cost-effective way to modify existing curb structures without having to completely remove and replace them. It also allows for customization and creativity in design, as curbs can be cut into unique shapes and styles to enhance the visual appeal of a property.

In conclusion, concrete curb cutting is an important process in construction that requires expertise and specialized tools to ensure precise and accurate cuts. It has several benefits for construction projects, including cost-effectiveness, customization, and enhanced visual appeal.

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At Advanced Concrete Cutting, you can rely on us to deliver curb-cutting projects exactly according to your needs. We understand the importance of this process in creating a more inclusive and livable community for everyone, which is why we strive to do our best in every work we do.

Our decades of experience have helped us hone our skills and techniques, and grow our knowledge about the needs of this industry. We stay on top of developments in technology as well, so that we can upgrade the quality of service to our clients. Every project we work on is treated as a priority and with the importance it deserves. You can trust that we will be on top of your project and make sure to keep you updated on the progress so you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the service you deserve.

No curb-cutting or wall-cutting project is too big or small for Advanced Concrete Cutting, Inc. Our staff are all trained and skilled in handling equipment and dealing with transactions. We guarantee to deliver, fast, reliable, and professional service.

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