Slab Cutting in Bismarck, ND

Slab cutting is another one of Advanced Concrete Cutting, Inc.‘s specialties you might need in the Bismarck, ND area. Slab cutting is similar to wall cutting, except it’s usually on the floor. Our slab-cutting professionals may need to cut into curbs, floors, bridges, roads, and other items. The number of projects this service might fit is extensive. These are a few reasons you might need to contact us about our slab-cutting services and meet with our professionals:

Adding Draining Pipes

You may need to add draining pipes to the plumbing structure in your home or business. In this case, slab cutting services would be ideal. Our experienced and certified cutters will create the room you need to have someone add your draining pipes. The result will be a more efficient plumbing system and a professional appearance where we performed the work.


We provide wire cutting for very thick concrete structures that have to be removed such as bridge columns, large foundations or any massive concrete that has to be removed. If you are in need of wire cutting services to make more room in your home our business Advanced Concrete Cutting, Inc. is who you call!

Pipe Repairs

Pipes are often in tricky places that are hard to reach. Fortunately, slab cutting services can rectify that problem. We can help you gain access to your most crucial pipes so that you can perform repairs, installations, and diagnostics.

Door Widening

Sometimes, you just need a change and desire something different. That may be why you want to widen a door inside your home or office. We can help you with that by cutting the space you need to install your door appropriately.

General Remodeling Projects

Advanced Concrete Cutting will be delighted to work on any project that requires custom slab cutting and core drilling for you as well. We also specialize in curb and slab cutting for general remodeling projects. Of course, you might just want to revamp your home or business and need a more customized service. We are here to provide you with that as well. One of our experts will speak with you about what you need and how we can help you achieve your goals. You may reach us by using an online form or by calling us at 701-258-3734.
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